What are the 2024 Festival hours?
Thursday, May 30th, 5 PM - 11 PM
Friday, May 31st, 5 PM - Midnight
Saturday, June 1st, 3 PM - Midnight
What is the Festival address?
Saint Simon The Apostle Catholic Church
8155 Oaklandon Road
Indianapolis, IN 46236
Where can I park?
Festival patrons can park across the street on the west side of Oaklandon.
What is the cost of admission?
A purchase of $10 in food /drink tickets includes admission to the Festival. Bring your pre-purchased food / drink tickets for entry, or purchase them on-site at the front entrance during operating hours.
What form of payment is accepted at the Festival?
Cash is accepted at the front entrance and for all purchases (food/drink tickets, ride tickets, Vegas room, etc.). Credit cards are accepted only at the front gate. ATMs are located on site.
Is there security at the festival?
Yes. Officers from both Lawrence and IMPD, as well as private security personnel, are present during all operating hours of the Festival and the perimeter is gated.
Can I bring in a backpack, chairs, outside food or beverages?
Only purses and wallets are allowed at the Festival, no outside food or beverages are allowed.
Are strollers allowed inside the festival?
Can I rent a booth and sell my stuff?
We do not allow any booth vendors or sponsors to sell merchandise at the Festival for profit. If you are interested in being a sponsor and supporting the Festival through a monetary or in-kind donation, please contact
What games are in the Vegas room?
Blackjack, Over/Under
Tickets & Ride Bracelets
What is a ride bracelet?
Purchasing and wearing a ride bracelet gives you unlimited turns on the Festival rides. Bracelets can be purchased for single-day or all-weekend access and are only available to purchase before the Festival begins.
Can you purchase ride bracelets at the festival?
No. Ride bracelets can only be purchased online before the Festival begins.
How do I pick up my ride bracelets for the 2024 festival?
You can pick up ride bracelets at the front entrance of the Festival during operating hours each day, or at the front entrance before the Festival starts on Wednesday, May 29th, 5-7 PM, or Thursday, May 30th between 10 am - 2 pm.
How much does each ride cost?
Ride tickets are $1.50 per one ticket, and it costs 1-5 tickets per ride (typically, small kid rides are 1-3 tickets, adult rides are 3-5 tickets each)
Do I have to show up with my entire family to get my ride bracelets?
It is recommended that you arrive at the Festival with your family, but you may pick up ride bracelets at the entrance separately.
Food & Beverage
Is food allergy information available at the food booths?
The Festival offers a variety of food items, though individual item ingredients are not publicly posted or readily available. We recommend walking by the booths to see what’s available and choosing the items that are safest for you and your family.


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