Live music rocks the St. Simon Festival tent each night! In addition to these nightly featured artists, additional musical acts including St. Simon Idol will be featured on the St. Simon stage.

Featured Performers

Thursday May 30th

Workin' on it!


Friday May 31st

Stella Luna and the Satellites

The exciting musical flavoring of Stella Luna & the Satellites is the result of musicians with backgrounds from many musical genres banding together, breaking the rules and barriers of most musical templates, and forming a unique blend of rock, country, pop, r&b, blues, funk, reggae, and folk music.  Well-known songs from all of these genres ranging from the 1950’s to the 2010’s are stripped down, re-thought, re-worked and presented using creative instrumentation, exciting rhythmic twists and sweet mountain harmonies.


Saturday June 1st

My Yellow Rickshaw

My Yellow Rickshaw is by far the greatest Pop, Rock, Bluegrass, R & B cover band to ever come out of Indiana. They came from humble beginnings. All four members met when modeling in Europe and doing a layout for the Spring ’99 Sears catalog. Nathan, Steve, and Jeremy specialized in yard appliance modeling while Eric modeled toddler pajamas. One cold evening around a trashcan fire the four strangers randomly broke out into the sweetest harmonies Batslavagdad (now known as Russia) has ever heard. They have since taken the music scene by storm. They have recorded hit songs such as….well none yet….BUT…they do play hits recorded by other bands, and that has to count for something.